Music & Sound Design

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Microsoft Teams "Ticket to Tokyo" Agency: McCann
Director: Mackenzie Sheppard

Verizon "Verizon vs Verizon: Network Mission" Agency: The Community
Director: AG Rojas

MasterCard "Sense of Priceless" Agency: McCann

GM "Everybody In" Agency: McCann
Director: The Malloys

Cox "Long Distance Hug" Agency: FCB
Director: Lance Oppenheim

Meijer "You Do It" Agency: The Distillery Project
Director: Andrew Beckers

Annovera "Vagina Appreciation Day" Agency: McCann
Director: Carlyn Hudson

CLIF "Let's Move the World" Agency: SMZ
Director: Julian King

VRBO "Studio Swim" Agency: Fortnight Collective
Director: Richard Bullock

TD Bank "Love" Agency: TBWA
Director: Steve Miller

Spectrum "Sports Ballers" Agency: Something Different
Director: David Shane

GM "No Way Norway - Super Bowl LV" Agency: McCann
Director: Jake Szymanski

Norton "Cafe"
Director: Erich Joiner

Sandy Hook Promise "Back to School Essentials" Agency: BBDO
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin

Aflac "Post Pain Show: Steve" Agency: DDB
Director: Adam & Dave

Progressive "Dr. Rick Methods" Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Director: Martin Granger

Dodge "Let Freedom Rev" Agency: GSD&M
Director: Skylar Moran

Frito-Lay "Twas the Night Before Super Bowl - Super Bowl LV"
Director: Peter Berg

MiO "Miners" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Noam Murro

MasterCard "True Name" Agency: McCann New York
Director: Bryan Buckley

Michelob "Fake Celebrities - Super Bowl LV" Agency: FCB
Director: Calmatic

Budweiser "Dwyane Wade's Last Swap" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Ritesh Gupta

Augusta National Golf Club "The Masters - A Year Unlike Any Other"

Smithfield Meats "Eat What You Love" Agency: The Escape Pod
Director: Gregg Jaffe

Inspired Closets "Pictures of You" Agency: Solve Ideas
Director: Brig

Allegheny Health Network / Marvel Comics "The Vitals" Agency: Doner
Director: Nico Poalillo

Caterpillar "Trial 9: PAC-MAN" Agency: Caterpillar

Microsoft "Changing The Game - Super Bowl LII" Agency: McCann/M:United
Director: Bryan Buckley

Abbott "Surprise" Agency: McCann
Director: Alex Feil

AT&T "Train" Agency: BBDO
Director: Dougal Wilson

Air Force "Calm and the Storm"

Spectrum "BBQ" Agency: Something Different
Director: David Shane

Arrow "21st Century Cowboy" Agency: The Distillery Project

Go Daddy "Body Builder - Super Bowl XLVIII" Agency: Deutsch
Director: Bryan Buckley

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