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PopCorners "Breaking Good Long Form" Agency: D3
Director: Vince Gilligan

FCAS "Blue Square" Agency: Wunderman Thompson

Last Prisoner Project "The Pen to Right History" Agency: McCann New York
Director: Ritesh Gupta

Samsung "Big Deal" Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Andrei Juradowitch

Regal Springs "Heaven Fish" Agency: Ogilvy Honduras

Cheez-Its "Human Toboggan" Agency: Leo Burnett/Chicago
Director: Ulf Johansson

Duracell "Energy" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Ergin Kuke

Chevy "Adventure is Everywhere" Agency: Commonwealth/McCann
Director: Christian Weber

Spectrum "Pied Piper" Agency: Something Different
Director: Benji Weinstein

Pepsi "Great Acting or Great Tasting: Ben Stiller" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Jorma Taccone

Hellmann's "What's In The Fridge" Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Director: Martin Granger

Aviation Gin "2 Ginute Warning" Agency: Maximum Effort
Director: Maximum Effort

Progressive "TV Dad: Theme" Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Director: Tom Kuntz

Absolut "The Absolut World of Cocktails" Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra

e.l.f. Cosmetics "Sticky" Agency: Shadow
Director: Maggie Carey

Pepsi "Great Acting or Great Tasting: Steve Martin" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Jorma Taccone

MasterCard "Messi: What You Love" Agency: McCann
Director: Peter Thwaites

FDA "Said Every Smoker Ever" Agency: FCB New York
Director: Yann Demange

Betway "For the Sport of It" Agency: Deutsch NY
Director: Giorgio Bruni

Progressive "First Contact" Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Director: Martin Granger

PopCorners "Lawn Chair" Agency: D3
Director: Vince Gilligan

Spectrum "You" Agency: Something Different
Director: Benji Weinstein

FTX "Don't Miss Out (Super Bowl LVI)" Agency: Dentsu Creative
Director: Jeff Schaffer

MasterCard "Spotlight" Agency: McCann
Director: Fredrik Bond

GM "No Way Norway - Super Bowl LV" Agency: McCann Detroit
Director: Jake Szymanski

Samsung "NoMo FOMO" Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Jake Szymanski

Sandy Hook Promise "Back to School Essentials" Agency: BBDO
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin

Michelob ULTRA "McEnroe vs McEnroe" Agency: FCB New York

Verizon "Einstein" Agency: McCann
Director: Kathy Fusco

Spectrum "Siege" Agency: Something Different
Director: Benji Weinstein

Hellmann's "Mayo Tackles Food Waste (Super Bowl LVI)" Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Director: Kris Belman

GM "Dr EV-il (Super Bowl LVI)" Agency: McCann Detroit
Director: Tim Kirkby

Dodge "Highway 93" Agency: Doner
Director: Sean Thonson

Hyundai "History of Evolution (Pre-Game Super Bowl LVI)" Agency: INNOCEAN USA
Director: Jim Jenkins

Michelob "Fake Celebrities - Super Bowl LV" Agency: FCB
Director: Calmatic

PepsiCo "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
Director: Dave Meyers

Budweiser "Dwyane Wade's Last Swap" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Ritesh Gupta

Scam Spotters "Relative in Jail" Agency: Mischief USA
Director: DJ Caruso

MasterCard "True Name" Agency: McCann New York
Director: Bryan Buckley

Weight Watchers "Negative Self Talk" Agency: Maximum Effort
Director: Elizabeth Orne

New York Lottery "Wanna Go For a Walk" Agency: McCann New York
Director: Juan Felipe Zuleta

Uber Eats "Don't Run Out" Agency: Kamp Grizzly
Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Sprite "Spicy Food" Agency: WPP/Ogilvy Hong Kong
Director: Damien Shatford

Dockers "Road Trip" Agency: 247 Laundry Service
Director: Elizabeth Weinberg

AT&T "Train" Agency: BBDO
Director: Dougal Wilson

Abbott "Surprise" Agency: McCann
Director: Alex Feil

MasterCard "Black Panther: Heroes Are All Around Us" Agency: McCann NY
Director: child

Samsung "One Epic Night" Agency: Ogilvy
Director: Sean Meehan

Coors Light "Chillboards" Agency: DDB Chicago
Director: Set Free Richardson

Doritos "Dip It" Agency: D3
Director: Malia James

Microsoft "Changing The Game - Super Bowl LIII" Agency: McCann/M:United
Director: Bryan Buckley

Cox "The Hug Project - Nicaragua" Agency: FCB
Director: Martin Rodahl

Miller Lite "Millerverse (Super Bowl LVI)" Agency: DDB
Director: Jason Zada

Augusta National Golf Club "The Masters - A Year Unlike Any Other"

Caterpillar "Trial 9: PAC-MAN" Agency: Caterpillar

MiO "Miners" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Noam Murro

Annovera "Vagina Appreciation Day" Agency: McCann
Director: Carlyn Hudson

CLIF "Let's Move the World" Agency: SMZ
Director: Julian King

Budweiser "A Clydesdale's Journey (Super Bowl LVI)" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Chloe Zhao

VRBO "Your Home Isn't Ready" Agency: Fortnight Collective
Director: Richard Bullock

Air Force "Calm and the Storm"

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