Music & Sound Design

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Microsoft "Holiday Magic: Lucy & the Reindeer" Agency: m:united//McCann
Director: Hank Perlman

Sandy Hook Promise "Back to School Essentials" Agency: BBDO
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin

Microsoft "Changing The Game" Agency: m:united
Director: Bryan Buckley

AT&T "Train" Agency: BBDO
Director: Dougal Wilson

Spectrum "Island" Agency: Something Different
Director: James Rouse

Air Force "Calm and the Storm"

Air Force "Join The Fight"

NY Lotto "Special Delivery" Agency: McCann
Director: Ben Smith

Spectrum "BBQ" Agency: Something Different
Director: David Shane

Budweiser "This Bud’s For 3 | Dwyane Wade" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Ritesh Gupta

Progressive "Mommeostasis"

Verizon "Shine a Light" Agency: McCann
Director: Bryan Buckley

Lightlife "A Taste Of Honesty" Agency: 160over90
Director: Morgan Sackett

AT&T "Shot" Agency: BBDO
Director: Steve Rogers

Verizon "Carlos Watkins (Super Bowl 2019)" Agency: McCann
Director: Film Forties

Busch "2019 Campaign" Agency: Deutsch
Director: Steve Miller

Army "Who We Are" Agency: McCann
Director: Peter Berg

NY Times/Roc Nation "Meek Mill" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Ritesh Gupta

NY Lotto "Hot Cash" Agency: McCann

Pure Michigan "Dark Sky" Agency: McCann
Director: Kurt Schneider

Microsoft "Reindeer Games" Agency: m:united//McCann
Director: Bryan Buckley

Domino's "Pizza Paver" Agency: CP+B

Verizon "Thanksgiving" Agency: The Community
Director: Sam Brave

Planters "Mr Peanut is Always there in Crunch Time (Super Bowl 2019)" Agency: VaynerMedia
Director: Timothy Kendall

Microsoft "Peace On Fifth"

State Street Financial "Fearless Girl" Agency: McCann

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