In the news…

  • USPS “This is Our Season”

    USPS “This is Our Season”

    We always wanted to create and produce a new arrangement of this classic Bill Conti track from the original Rocky soundtrack. Fortunately, MWG and the USPS gave us that opportunity.

  • Verizon FiOS “Half Fast Holiday”

    Verizon FiOS “Half Fast Holiday”

    We, at JSM, are so pleased to share with you, the joy and the wonder, of a "Half-Fast" FiOS holiday season. Thank you to all our friends at MWG for the JSM love.

  • Best Buy “Our Best”

    Best Buy “Our Best”

    Huge thanks to CP+B for bringing us in as your music partner on the new Best Buy holiday campaign. Here is the first spot of many to follow.


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