Music & Sound Design

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JSM Music "Reel Intro"

Microsoft "Reindeer Games" Agency: m:united//McCann
Director: Bryan Buckley

Verizon "Thanksgiving" Agency: The Community
Director: Sam Brave

AT&T "Shot" Agency: BBDO
Director: Steve Rogers

Infiniti "Rules Of Luxury" Agency: CP+B
Director: Adam Hashemi

Verizon "Huge News" Agency: McCann
Director: Bryan Buckley

Playstation "Opera" Agency: BBH
Director: Sam Holst

Audible "Anthem" Agency: McGarry Bowen

Infiniti "Two Engines" Agency: CP+B
Director: Craig Gillespie

Verizon Fios "Santa's Helper" Agency: McCann
Director: David Shane & Michael Clancy

Army "Who We Are" Agency: McCann
Director: Peter Berg

Spectrum "Charades" Agency: Something Different
Director: David Shane

NY Lotto "Spy Mission" Agency: McCann
Director: Speck Gordon

Jennair "Bound By Nothing" Agency: Digitas
Director: Jovan Tuderovic

Progressive "Group Session" Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Director: Martin Granger

MasterCard "Your Next Swing" Agency: McCann

NY Times/Roc Nation "Meek Mill" Agency: Vayner Productions
Director: Ritesh Gupta

Cigna "Even More Drama" Agency: McCann
Director: Grant Heslov

Kraft "What I Did for Love" Agency: CP+B
Director: Hank Perlman

IHOP "For Burgers" Agency: Droga 5
Director: Eric Wareheim

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror "The Mourning After" Agency: TM Advertising
Director: Eli Roth

Budweiser "American Pony - Super Bowl LII" Agency: Mosaic
Director: Ivan Tinoco / Jason Beauregard

Domino's "Home for Pizza" Agency: CP+B
Director: Matt Lenski

Sprint "Game Changer" Agency: Droga 5
Director: Oscar Hudson

Playstation "The Interview" Agency: BBH
Director: Matthew Swanson

Cisco "Network Intuitive" Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Director: Paul Dektor

MasterCard "Arnie Would" Agency: McCann
Director: Steve Bell

Nat Geo "Genius - Super Bowl 2017" Agency: McCann
Director: Ivan Zacharias

Ocean Spray "Epic Flavor" Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Director: Ryan Ebner

SunnyD "Rollerblade" Agency: Grenadier
Director: Clay Williams

Microsoft "International Women's Day" Agency: m:united
Director: Nanette Burstein

Girls Who Code "Boobs" Agency: McCann
Director: J.J. Adler

LetGo "Disco Ball" Agency: CP+B
Director: Craig Gillespie

Go Daddy "Body Builder" Agency: Deutsch
Director: Bryan Buckley "Eye Contact" Agency: CP+B
Director: Stacy Wall

Wilkinson Sword "Swordfight" Agency: JWT
Director: Lieven Van Baelen

State Street Financial "Fearless Girl" Agency: McCann

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