Verizon "The Team That Wouldn't Be Here" - Super Bowl 2019

February 3rd 2019

All of us at JSM Music were so honored to work on this campaign, “The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here”. A heartfelt and emotional series about 12 NFL Players who owe their lives to the first responders for answering "the call". Their call. We all poured our hearts and souls and seemingly endless incredible hours into scoring all the films for this campaign leading up to, and including, Super Bowl LIII this Sunday. We are so proud of everyone at VerizonMcCann and the NFL for saluting all the incredible first responders who put their lives on the line for each and every one of us, every minute of every day, selfishly, passionately and unconditionally.

Please check the links below and watch and read about this incredible body of work produced in collaboration with Director/Executive Producer/Actor, Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Patriots Day, Mile 22, Ballers, etc..)

Hugs to everyone involved, and thank you for this opportunity to immerse ourselves in utilizing our talents in favor of everything that is good, honorable and for all whom are worthy of our undying respect and never ending gratitude. Verizon, McCann, Film 44/45SimThe Mill & Sonic Union#allourthanks #Superbowl2019

VerizonBen Jones

VerizonDeAngelo Henderson

VerizonAnthony Lynn

VerizonRicardo Allen

VerizonNaz Jones

VerizonMark Andrews

VerizonAdrian Colbert

VerizonHarvey Langi

VerizonCarson Tinker

VerizonClay Matthews

VerizonCarlos Watkins (Super Bowl 2019)

VerizonAJ McCarron

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