Scott's "Keep Growing" Super Bowl LV

February 6th 2021

This past year has certainly been incredibly unique one for brands, their marketing partners and their advertising decisions. 

The concepting for most Super Bowl adverts happen months prior to the game and are traditionally shot in the fall. Some Super Bowl legacy brands such as iconic Budweiser and Coca-Cola have decided to sit this one out as their businesses have unfortunately been negatively impacted by the shut downs of public spaces such as stadiums, theaters and concert venues, which are major sources of their revenue. Taking into consideration the logistical production challenges during a pandemic, the uncertainty of this past elections outcome and the general emotional and psychological mood of the country, there were other brands who saw their businesses “grow” during this period and thus saw an opportunity to justify getting into the big game, for their first time. 

We all spent more time outside this year than ever before. Regardless of the size of your property, whether it be a small, quaint little parcel or many acres of land, that outdoor space became our respite and salvation. We all took better care of it than ever before and perhaps appreciated it more than we ever had before. Scott’s business exploded and decided get into the big game to keep up their momentum and capitalize on our rekindled love and appreciation of our great outdoors and the beauty of all the simpler things in life; family, home, togetherness and health.  

Super smart for ScottsMiracle-Gro to make their Super Bowl debut this year. Massive thanks to all at Scott's and VaynerMedia for reaching out to JSM to partner and collaborate with you and be a part of your very first time. 

  #SuperBowlLV #JSMMusic

Scott'sKeep Growing - Super Bowl LV

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