Sandy Hook Promise "Back To School Essentials"

September 20th 2021

We were just reminded of this earlier this morning. In the year since its release this work has continued to resonate throughout the world, and for very good reason. 

In our industry, there is always going to be work we want to do, and then there is going to be work we need to do. This work falls firmly into both categories.

Hundreds of thousands of ads and campaigns are created and produced globally each year for tens of thousands of brands and services. Billions of dollars are spent creating, producing and broadcasting those ads and campaigns each and every year. Countless incredibly talented, brilliant and passionate creatives, CMO’s, CEO’s, directors, editors, composers, musicians, colorists, graphic and CGI geniuses, account and strategy professionals work their asses off to create and defend their work to have each and every message and form of communication be meaningful enough to be able to stand out amongst all the rest.

Only 5 of those incredible projects were nominated for the 2020 International Emmy Awards for Outstanding Commercial. 

This won. 

Work that makes a difference. That resonates. Work that matters. 

Sandy Hook Promise // BBDO New York // #JSMMusic

Sandy Hook PromiseBack to School Essentials

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