Progressive "Dr Rick" wins Hatch Gold

March 12th 2021

It should be no surprise to anyone that this campaign keeps winning awards. It just won Gold at the 60th Annual Hatch Awards, once again proving that funny, smart & effective branding work always resonates. Always great writing, solid casting and killer performances all supported by a sad, introspective, yet impossibly hopeful and absurd soundtrack. We all need to party it up with Dr. Rick. That guy is fire. Thanks to all at Arnold Worldwide and Progressive for reaching out to JSM to help shed some light on the unmitigated heroism and importance of unsung heroes like Dr. Rick that make this world a better, safer place for us all.

ProgressiveDr. Rick: Group Outing

ProgressiveDr Rick: Pillows

ProgressiveDr Rick: Seminar

ProgressiveDr. Rick Methods

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