PepsiCo "Road To Super Bowl LVI"

January 18th 2022

Meanwhile, now that the first round of the playoffs are in the books, we are now OFFICIALLY "On the Road To the Super Bowl".

10 brands, 10 Super Bowl rings, destroying a living room, duct-taping someone to a bus roof. Naturally. Followed by a sing-a-long to Olivia Rodrigo. Naturally.

Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Jerome Bettis, Victor Cruz, and Terry Bradshaw take all the #PepsiCo brands on a road trip to the Super Bowl.

Here is the long-form version of the spot. Be on the lookout for 4 different :30s during the playoffs, multiple :15s, multiple :06s, and tons of online content.

Huge thanks to all at PepsiCo for reaching out JSM to partner up and collaborate on the campaign. Fun stuff.

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PepsiCoRoad To Super Bowl LVI (Pre-Game Super Bowl LVI)

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