New York Lottery "Wanna Go For A Walk?"

May 24th 2022

"Wanna Go For A Walk?"

You know that your career may have come full circle when you're asked to write and produce a song for dogs.

Not a song ABOUT dogs, but a song FOR dogs, with no traditional instrumentation, just sounds that dogs would dig and respond to, and a groove that is worthy of the ears, hearts and souls of the greatest living things on earth.... Dogs.

Squeaky toys, leash jingling, duck quacks, doorbells, clickers, keys, car alarms and so much more.

And, it's now available on Spotify. Naturally.  

Huge thanks to all at McCann New York and New York Lottery for reaching out to JSM and making our jobs more meaningful than ever before.

Because, dogs.

Thanks to Ad Age for the ink: 

New York LotteryWanna Go For a Walk

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