Microsoft "Reindeer Games" - Best International Holiday Spots of 2018

December 26th 2018

The end of every year is always full of lists. Best this, worst that… We don’t share most of them because that would be really boring. However, given the holidays, this list is worth sharing. Fast Company compiled the Best International Holiday spots of 2018. Only 1 of them is from the United States. Congratulations to MicrosoftMcCann and m:united for making that list with “Reindeer Games”. We could not be more proud to have had JSM Music create and produce the music for the ad as well as the behind the scenes story about Owen, his challenges and his incredible friends. 

Another reason we decided to post this is that most of you don’t get to see some of the amazing work created from all over the world. Check them out in your copious free time, and we dare you not to be a snotty sobbing mess watching Ruavieja’s “We have to see more of each other” and Bouygues Telecom’s “Bouygues Christmas”.

View the commercial, behind the scenes feature, and article here:

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