Michelob Ultra Pure Gold "6 for 6-Pack"

January 27th 2020

#SuperBowl2020 Only 1% of American farmland is organic. Not good. That sucks. Let’s change that. You buy a 6 pack of Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold and 6 square feet of American farmland will be turned organic. It's that simple. You can do the math if you’re really thirsty.

Rather than just raising more awareness of a problem we are all already aware of, why not get everyone involved in helping to solve the problem? Well, that’s what AB InBev, the worlds largest brewery, has done, and they’re doing on the biggest stage of all, Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Sunday.

Massive thanks to all at FCB Global for your faith and trust in all of us at JSM to partner and collaborate with you to create the soundtrack and sound design to this epic Super Bowl work. Hugs to all Park Pictures, Stitch, MPC, Nice Shoes, @honeymixnyc #Respect #fcbglobal #JSMMusic 

Read more about the campaign here:



Michelob ULTRA6 for 6-Pack

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