Michelob McEnroe Trailer

May 12th 2022

"You Cannot be Serious?"

Oh yes. Yes we can.

Premiering on ESPN+, Michelob ULTRA, in collaboration with FCB New York, UNIT9, Falkon, Secret Guy and JSM presents "McEnroe vs. McEnroe", the world's first tennis match to feature a real person versus a virtual player - both being a version of the entertaining, confrontational tennis player, John McEnroe. In the match, the real McEnroe will face off against his ultimate opponent - his younger self. In this case, a virtual player powered by A.I.

This 45-minute innovative film will showcase how the match was created using a combination of A.I. and machine learning, plus five virtual avatars of John McEnroe from pivotal points of his career.

Huge thanks to all for reaching out to JSM to partner up and collaborate on creating all the music for this ground breaking production and initiative.

Read more here: https://musebycl.io/sports/mic...

Michelob ULTRAMcEnroe vs McEnroe Trailer

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