Meijer "You better Not Pout"

December 1st 2020

All of us at JSM were thrilled when our dear friends at The Distillery Project reached out to us to score this beautiful, honest and warm holiday film for Meijer. This is not about selling any products nor announcing some kind of sale. It’s simply a wonderful and respected brand telling a very timely family story of a holiday ritual, a parents desire to instill normalcy for their kids, for themselves, a teenage daughters frustration and her younger sister’s yearning for hope and celebration for Christmas. A story of empathy. If there’s one thing that 2020 gifted most of us, it was the chance to be together as a family in a very unique way, for an extended period of time, and to be able to lift each other up when we appeared to need it most. Bravo to all who made this project happen. Biscuit Filmworks, Rock Paper Scissors & Margarita Mix Santa Monica



MeijerYou Better Not Pout

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