March For Our Lives

May 27th 2022

We completed and quietly released this project over two months ago.

It was a project we had absolutely no intention of sharing as we knew that it really wasn’t our place to, and that March For Our Lives would continue to get the word out with their tireless and impassioned efforts to raise awareness to help save our children from gun violence. That is their purpose. That is their only motive. Shouldn’t that be every sane persons motive?

Save. Our. Children.

But here we are again, so now we feel the need to share, because just like everyone else with a conscience and we just don’t know what else I can do in this moment.

This work, meant to raise awareness and initiate meaningful change, from only two months ago, has already been tragically outdated, over and over and over again.


No more “Thoughts and Prayers”. They don’t do or mean a thing. 

 March For Our Lives & McCann New York

March For Our LivesThought and Prayers

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