LIA Global Audio & Radio Company of the Year

November 8th 2022

LIA: Of The Year Winners

JSM Music: 2022 Global Radio & Audio Company of the Year
JSM Music: 2022 North American Music & Sound Company of the Year
JSM Music: 2022 North American Radio & Audio Company of the Year

People can’t pay you to give a shit. They can’t pay you to care or force you to strive to consistently want and need to make meaningful, impactful, compelling and beautiful work. To constantly push the proverbial envelope and attempt to exceed your own expectations and those of so many others. 

It keeps your mind spinning at night and obsessed during the day in wanting to create something as close to perfection, whatever that is, as possible.

These are things that no one can teach you. And it’s not something that you find. If you're really fortunate, it is something that eventually finds and drives you, from within. If goes from what you do for a living, to becoming the very fabric of who you are and how you choose to live your life. 

And equally as important is finding, curating, and assembling a dream team of impossibly talented people to work with, day in and day out, who all share in that passion and commitment who choose to achieve these wonderful things together, who support each other and raise the level of what you all do independently as one cohesive creative unit, for your clients, for your friends and for all who share in those same goals and desires.

14 2022 LIA Awards, including a Grand LIA and now this. 

Thank you to all of our incredible clients and production partners for all of these unbelievable opportunities to partner up, collaborate and are always up to take the creative roads less traveled.

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