JSM Music - Cannes Lions 2021 - Sandy Hook "Back To School Essentials"

June 23rd 2021

As of today, JSM had collaborated and partnered with our agency, production and brand partners in creating the music and sound design for projects that have earned 23 Lions and counting, including a Grand Prix for FCB Chicago’s “Boards Of Change. Unreal. 

Today, JSM’s project with BBDO New York and SMUGGLER,Sandy Hook Promise “Back-To-School Essentials”, added on another 2 more Lions. This time, for Film Craft. 

It is not shocking to anyone that this project continues to receive such worldwide acclaim and attention, including winning the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial. 

However, what remains shocking to everyone, is that something like this had to be made in the first place. 

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Sandy Hook PromiseBack to School Essentials

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