JSM Music - 2022 Cannes Lions

June 27th 2022

Congratulations, and thank you, from all of us at JSM Music for your continued faith, trust and loyalty.

This year it was 4 amazing projects with 4 incredible agencies that JSM partnered and collaborated with in creating the music and sound design that won a total of 13 Lions and 28 Shortlists. 

So many incredibly talented people and brave brands that pushed and challenged themselves to take the creative roads less traveled. Bravo. 

We all start again at zero. We continue to work at it and do our best to create the strongest and most meaningful work we possibly can, for our clients, our colleagues and for ourselves. 

Because at the end of the day, it's all about the work, not the hardware. The hardware is simply a fortunate peripheral byproduct of our universal relentless dedication to our work and the creative passion we all share in creating it. 

Who knows what next year will bring, or all the years after. A bittersweet yet motivational realization that we must keep pushing. 

 Regardless, all of us at JSM will remember all of you, this moment, this feeling, when the stars seemed to align, for many, many years to come. 

#Respect #Loyalty #Gratitude #Roar #canneslions #canneslions2022 #JSMMusic



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