GM "Everybody In"

February 4th 2021

This was incredible project to be a part of. Simply one of the greatest creative and production teams we have the pleasure to work with on one of the most fun projects imaginable. If there was a higher level than an “A team”, this team would be it. Oh, and it’s a Super Bowl project, so that just brings it all to a higher level of awesomeness. 

And some people call this work. 

Huge thanks and gratitude to all for reaching out to JSM to partner and collaborate with you to bring on the funny with Will Ferrell to help announce General Motors ambitious EV initiative. #Respect McCann, Gifted Youth, Rock Paper Scissors, Framestore, Lime Studios, Company3 #EVerbodyIn #NoWayNorway #JSMMusic

GMNo Way Norway - Super Bowl LV

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