Family. Loyalty. Gratitude.

January 23rd 2019

All of us at JSM will always be proud to say “yup, that’s our work”, and that projects we were part of won this award or that award. Those are things to certainly be proud of. However, the reality is that all of that is only possible because our clients had the faith and trust in us to grant us those opportunities. Given that faith and trust, we take that gift as a major responsibility and a challenge to blow you all the away with what we do and how we do it and hopefully surpass all of your wildest and greatest expectations.

Last week we once again locked out the world famous and legendary Delmonico's Restaurant and closed it to the public for The Annual JSM Music Post-Holiday After Party. It was not a party for JSM. It was a party for all of our creative partners to celebrate our collaborations, our tireless efforts to create and produce amazing work for our clients and to essentially celebrate each other and how fortunate we are to do to what we do, together.

Such an amazing group of people. We are very fortunate to do what we do with people we actually care about. We come together to support one another, lend a hand, build one another up, collaborate with talent, passion and trust and have the best time through it all.

Thank you for all that attended. For those of you who could not attend, you were deeply missed.

We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

#Family #Loyalty #Gratitude

xx ~ JSM

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