Entertainment for Sport Cannes Lions

June 20th 2019

There is something just so incredible to work on things that you know have such profound meaning and purpose, to be recognized for its creative, craft and message by the global community of this massive, ever-changing multi-layered industry. Work that seems bigger than advertising. Work that celebrates the good in people. Work that actually gets to the core of what is important. Congratulations to McCann, Verizon, VaynerMedia and Budweiser. Thank you for inviting JSM Music to collaborate with you and to create the music for these 2 incredible projects. Silver Lion in Entertainment for Sport for Verizon, and Silver and Bronze in Entertainment for Sport for Budweiser. As of last night, JSM projects have been awarded 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze with 43 Shortlisted. Jesus. Hopefully more to come as the festival continues. Check out Verizon and Budweiser here: https://jsmmusic.com/showreel/view/68

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