Caterpillar Trail 9: PAC-MAN

October 26th 2020

Meanwhile, JSM receives a call about a new project. “Hi, so this is what we’re going to do. During the pandemic, we’re going to build a huge life-sized PAC-MAN board on a 720 acre piece of property. Then we’re going to build the maze with our ridiculously awesome Caterpillar earth moving equipment so that it’s 162 feet wide and 180 feet long, with interior walls 4 feet high and lanes 12 feet wide, and naturally with a 1% grade from the top right to the lower left allowed for drainage in case of rain. Because, you know, sometimes it rains. Then….you need to create and produce a sick track to help tell the story. Cool?” (:01 pause) Um... Yeah! JSM can do that. JSM will do that. Read more about the project here:

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