Burger King "Stay Home of the Whopper"

April 9th 2020

Being able to work and remain creative during these past few weeks is one of the only things keeping us remotely sane.

Super fast and smart work from our friends from FCB Global and Burger King repurposing what was going to be a great campaign into a very meaningful and timely initiative. Burger King is waiving delivery fees on mobile-app orders over $10, and supporting healthcare professionals who lack WFH options by giving away 250,000 Whoppers via the American Nurses Foundation. Couch potatriots can help by texting THANKS to 20222 to make a $10 donation to the organization's Coronavirus Response Fund. Amazing.

Big hugs to all involved and thank you for thinking of JSM Music to partner with you to create and produce the music. #CouchPotatriots #BurgerKing #StayAtHome #FCBGlobal #JSMMusic 

Read more here: https://musebycl.io/advertisin...

Burger KingStay Home of the Whopper

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