2023 Sports Emmy Winner - Michelob Ultra "McEnroe vs McEnroe"

May 23rd 2023

"It's only worth it, if you enjoy it." ~ John McEnroe

Well, the entire team behind this incredible revolutionary work is definitely enjoying this and would now like to thank the Academy. 

HUGE Congrats on the 2023 Sports EMMY Win last night to our partners at FCB New York and Michelob ULTRA

The vision you all had to create this work was extraordinary. A digital innovation and concept never executed before. No playbook. 

Thank you for reaching out to JSM to help bring this incredible project to life. 

This is the world's first tennis match featuring a real player vs a virtual player that was broadcast on ESPN+. John McEnroe and digital avatars from his past using AI, Metahuman creator, super-cool robotics and a particle mist screen, and kick-ass music.

Lord + Thomas UNIT9 Falkon Secret Guy Sonic Union


Check the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4hvdyc8MYk

Michelob ULTRAMcEnroe vs McEnroe

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