Allegheny Health Network / Marvel Comics "The Vitals"

December 6th 2020

Comic books are known for their fictitious, larger than life Superheroes. There are massive conventions, held worldwide, for these heroes of myth and legend. Incredibly powerful and uniquely brilliant characters that exist to save the world and civilization from all the “evil that lurks”. 

In today’s unsettled times, it is the nurses who are at the very front of the line of being our real life Superheroes.  They are the furthest thing from fictitious, but they are indeed, larger than life. So who better than Marvel to help pay tribute to them for putting our lives and health before their own. 

Bravo, and thank you, to all at Doner who in partnership with Marvel and Allegheny Health Network for reaching out to JSM to score this powerful and meaningful work, “The Vitals”. #Respect 

Check out more on the project here:


Allegheny Health Network / Marvel ComicsThe Vitals

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