Denny’s “The World is Your Diner”

And in other news, Denny’s is just about to up their game from strong, to very strong. Big thanks to EP+Co for reaching out to JSM Music for some music love on the new campaign set to launch the end of May. Look out for all the new spots. Solid partnership all around..Mackcut, Framestore, Sonic ★ Union & Community Films.

McDonald’s “Our Front Door”

We are thrilled to share our latest work for McDonald’s with our friends from We are Unlimited. Big thanks for the JSM Music love. Great work all around ~ Caviar, Cutters Studios, The Milll & Flavor.

Spectrum “Train”

Funny stuff from our friends at their new shop, Something Different. Here is the first of many spots in their campaign for Spectrum that we were very fortunate to collaborate on. Thanks for the JSM Music love. Rock on… O Positive, Crew Cuts. Check out the Creativity Article Here.

HP Enterprise “No Bobblehead”

Super proud to share this new work for HP Enterprise with our friends from Publicis Worldwide. Here is the first spot in the multi-spot campaign. We all know someone like Brian The Bobblehead. He’s adorable and just wants to contribute, be helpful and to be loved. Thanks to all for the JSM Music love.


Domino’s “Home for Pizza”

Some projects are fun, while others are a blast. This is what happens when CP+B has Domino’s Pizza meet Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who then meets Joe Keery from Stranger Things who then meets the original Cameron Frye, Alan Ruck. All of us at JSM Music are so thrilled to continue our Domino’s partnership with CP+B with this work. Oooohhhh yeah….

MasterCard “Arnie Would”

For those of you planning on watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard this weekend, you’ll also be listening to JSM Music. Thank you to our friends at McCann Erickson for teeing it up with us.

Walmart “The Receipt”

We are thrilled to have been involved in this new Walmart campaign which debuts tonight on the The Academy Awards. Strong creative ideas and awesome production featuring the work of Seth Rogen, Antoine Fuqua, Marc Forster and Evan Goldberg. Big love to our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide for reaching out to us at JSM Music.

AICP “Art vs Advertising”

Art vs. Advertising. Submit your work and give yourself a chance at MoMA immortality with the AICP. These films were a blast to work on and score. Big thanks to Matt Miller and our celebrity talent… Susan Fowler Credle, Gerry Graf and Jeff Kling. Funny stuff. Nick Law, Jay Zasa, Mike Donaghey, Chris Joakim, Lucas Spaulding, Nick Schneider, Corina Dennison, Malia Rose, Yole Barrera…  Enter here