Spectrum “House Guest”, “Charades”, & “Garage Sale”

How do you not love a spot that starts with “That did not happen”….,and Gary responds…”All over the floor…” We couldn’t pick a favorite from our new Spectrum campaign, so here are the 3 most recent ones. Neurotic monsters…and Gary, the pissed off angry little puppet man. The writing and performances are pure gold. The more times you watch them, the funnier they get. Thank you to our friends at Something Different for reaching out to us to play with you on these…. O Positive, Crew Cuts.

Verizon “Game On”

This campaign just keeps getting better and better. Our latest work for Fios featuring Gaten Matarazzo. Big thanks to all at McCann for reaching out to JSM Music to partner on this work. Great writing, strong creative and production partners. NO6 Edit, SMUGGLER, Sonic ★ Union. #Pro.

Meijer “Come Home”

“And sometimes it just seems that all roads lead, to a single place. Home.” Beautiful new work with our friends at The Distillery Project for Meijer. Thanks to all for reaching out to JSM Music for Thanksgiving. Enjoy and spend time with your family and friends while you have them. In the end, that is pretty much all that truly matters. SMUGGLER, & Cutters Studios

Friends of Animals “Money Makes it Okay”

Every so often we are asked to work on a project where the message far outweighs any financial benefit and is way too important to not get involved. This was one of those projects. Get involved. Stop trophy hunting. Great work from all at Plus ProductionsChemistryMethod Studios and Company 3. Thank you for reaching out to JSM Music.

MasterCard Masterpass “Fandango”

We are very pleased to share our most recent work for Mastercard. Big thanks to our friends from McCann & McCann XBC for reaching out to JSM Music for another successful collaboration. Solid team...Smuggler, Cut + Run, Company 3, & Sound Lounge.

Progressive “Mommeostasis”

We are thrilled to share our latest work for Progressive with our friends from Arnold Worldwide. Thank you to all for reaching out to JSM Music to be part of this campaign, and thanks for the ink, Adweek.