State Street’s “Fearless Girl” Wins Big at Cannes

Who you surround yourself with, you eventually become. Simple concept, actually. If you want to be more than you ever thought was possible, surround yourself with those who inspire, enlighten, motivate and challenge you. Surround yourself with people that are better than you. Not so easy, but totally worth every moment of searching for those who bring all of that to you, and you bring to them in return. We did not come up with this idea. We certainly did not build and install the Fearless Girl in downtown Manhattan on the eve of International Woman’s Day. However, we were asked by those who did, to produce the music for some films that tell her remarkable story, and her phenomenal ongoing impact the world over. Huge thanks to all at McCann New York for reaching out to JSM Music and giving us the opportunity to touch this incredible work. This transcends advertising. This lifts our industry and inspires greatness. I think we’ll continue to surround ourselves with people like you. 4 Grand Prix and 18 total Lions. Fearless, indeed.

Kraft “They Didn’t Notice” wins Cannes Gold & Bronze Lions

More hardware. Cannes Gold and Bronze Lions. Congratulations to our friends at CP+B on the most recent win for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese”The World’s Largest Blind Taste Test” campaign. Brilliant idea and execution. Let’s put this next to the Gold that it won at The One Club and the AICP NEXT Awards a few weeks ago. All of us at JSM Musicare super proud to have partnered with you and created the music for this amazing campaign. High end. the now corporation, Hungry Man.

Cigna “TV Doctors of America” wins Cannes Gold Lion

Spending time in Cannes with colleagues and friends from all over the world, doesn’t suck. Spending time in Cannes with colleagues and friends from all over the world, and then finding out that one of the projects JSM Music created the soundtrack for just won a Gold Lion, definitely doesn’t suck. Congratulations to all at McCann New York and Cigna.

Spectrum “Poker Night”

Our favorite spot in the new Spectrum campaign. Neurotic monsters…and Gary, the puppet, getting all Michael Corleone up in there. It’s writing and performance gold. The more times you watch it, the funnier it gets. Thank you to our friends at Something Different for reaching out to us to play with you on this…. O Positive & Crew Cuts. Thanks, Creativity for the kind words, which you can read here.

Friends of Animals “Money Makes it Okay”

Every so often we are asked to work on a project where the message far outweighs any financial benefit and is way too important to not get involved. This was one of those projects. Get involved. Stop trophy hunting. Great work from all at Plus ProductionsChemistryMethod Studios and Company 3. Thank you for reaching out to JSM Music.

MasterCard Masterpass “Fandango”

We are very pleased to share our most recent work for Mastercard. Big thanks to our friends from McCann & McCann XBC for reaching out to JSM Music for another successful collaboration. Solid team...Smuggler, Cut + Run, Company 3, & Sound Lounge.

Progressive “Mommeostasis”

We are thrilled to share our latest work for Progressive with our friends from Arnold Worldwide. Thank you to all for reaching out to JSM Music to be part of this campaign, and thanks for the ink, Adweek.