Budweiser “American Pony”

Everything seemed so perfect last night as the underdog  Philadelphia Eagles overcame the New England Patriots. Everything, except for the fact that Budweiser choose to run a :05 teaser of our Bud Clydesdale spot in lieu of the full :60. No Clydesdales on the Super Bowl? Jesus. Well, they’re running it now and I could not be more proud of the music and sound design we created at JSM Music and the team behind this beautiful work. It’s not making any social or political statement, nor is it attempting to change the world. It’s just a beautiful :60 film about of the majesty of these magnificent horses, America, friends, family and the all American Beer that is synonymous with the game of football and, of course, the Super Bowl. You know, the good stuff, the escape from all the static of disparate voices of always vying for our attention and support, :30 and :60 at a time. Huge thanks to all at VaynerMedia, Method Studios, Stefan Sonnenfeld and CO3 and Heard City for such a solid creative process, passion for the work and for being amazing production partners. And the results are in on whether it should have been broadcasted during the game. No surprise to any of us. Check out the AdAge article HERE. Boom!