Army “Who We Are”

Our business has always been one of “how do you like me now?” Music is the most subjective element in every gig. Each project has its own unique intangibles, players, creative direction and production partners with layers upon layers of hierarchy to impress, up every rung of the ladder of reviews, comments and potential revisions, to then ultimately earn the approval of our work and thus include it as a meaningful and compelling element of the creative and business initiative. It is the nature of the beast. This gig was no different, although the players on this multi-spot campaign were especially hardcore. From McCann, to Peter Berg, the actor and director of such films as “Friday Night Lights, “Lone Survivor”, “Entourage”, “Ballers” “Patriots Day” & “Mile 22” to the uniformed and decorated very top decision makers of the US Army. To say we are proud and honored to have been part of this new campaign is a massive understatement. Thank you to all involved for including JSM Music. You know who are. Most importantly, thank you to all who serve and protect this great nation. “There are those who are compelled to act when others don’t — those are the men and women who become Soldiers.